• has any body passed the whole arcade mode if so what is the "GOAL"????and how does this help besides raising the % complete?????
  • [b]The GOAL is two different ending movies - the thing is you can unlock them in GT mode anyway!
  • majik is right. I was a little dissapointed to find out that there was nothing to unlock, seeing as you could veiw the videos before you won anyways. It was on the other hand a real quick way to boost a lot of %
  • yep i was dissapointed too when i stayed up till 2 in the morning to complete the single race part of arcademod to find some dumb movies at the goal!!
  • does anyone know if you get anythng special if you win arcade mode on the proffessional setting? I only did the hard
  • You also get a few more cars to select from for beating Normal and a few more race cars for Hard.
  • do u get any cars that are worth buying?

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  • You don't get cars to buy. You just get new and somewhat better cars to play with in the Arcade Mode.
    You don't get anything special for the Professional level just longer and harder races.
  • hey do i need to beat the times in the time trial section to boost my % because they r impossible.