• ok so i play final fantasy 11 on the ps 2 ... recently i decided to reintall the software was freezing up at npcs and some other annyoing things... well when i formatted the hard drive and went to install rize of zilart my ps2 has decided it doesnt want to read and type of silver back ps 2 game... dvd cd yet it will read anything with a blue back ive opened it up looked on line for ideas called sony.. lets not go there lol so any ideas how i can fix this? it just wont read.. ok ty everyone looking forward to some answers..:mad:
  • If the disc is still spinning but just not being read the problem is either the DVD lens being out of place or just dirty. Get a DVD lens cleaning kit (available at most department/ electronics stores) and give that a run. If that does not improve things then the lens may have become out of alignment.

    If that is the case you could either contact Sony again (had to go there, sorry) and ask about repairs/ replacement or try to fix it yourself. I don't recommend this last option unless you are sure of what you are doing- there are some sites out there with a how-to for realigning the lens on the fatty PS2. To do this you do have to take the cover off (very carefully- we've seen a few people come here with the ribbon that goes to the buttons snapped off due to haste/ accidents). I can't link you directly to the sites but if you do a Google search for "PS2 lens alignment" you should find them easily enough.