• Hey guys, my friend just gave me his psp And ive been having a few problems with it, it turns on occasionally (1 out of every 10 times or so) Yes even when plugging into an ac adapter, Once turned on it will randomly freeze up on menu or in movie or in web browser or in whatever im doing at the time. I have a slim too so it doesn't bother me too much bother psps are hacked so there is no way i can send it back to sony even if it was under warranty -It isn't because this psp is from the 3 day they were released.- But i poped in my handy dandy Pandora's battery and reset to 1.5 and still no success. So obviously (Which i have thought to be the problem before) it's most likely a hardware problem.
    Bought a a tiny screwdriver at ace hardware and am about to take this sucker apart. I've been told it could be a ribbon cable problem but im not sure and im going to try a key cleaner when i get home tonight.
    Please leave any information on help Thanks :P
  • It could be the power cable from the battery compartment to the motherboard but I'm wondering if some of the cracks your friend got into with that PSP may have slowly fried it. It is possible the system is beyond saving.

    As an FYI, we don't support the use of homebrew on the PSP here at Absolute- too easy to mess up your system that way if something glitches.
  • No the psp has been on ofw since lanch until a day ago
    It will turn on But it freezes
    Anywhere from right away to an hour later.
    It does this at random
    It can't be cfw because it hasn't been on cfw my friend is really nooby in all aspects of psp's which is why He just gave up and gave it to me
    Im going to experiment and search around.
    Im sure it can be fixed because i know the lcd is fine and so are all ribbon cables attached to the lcd the mobo my be damaged and the power circut board might be damaged
    What could cause the freezing?
    I was thinking something like incefient power supply to mobo or cpu.
    It cant be anything to do with the battery because don't use batterys with it i use the ac cord and even when using batterys it still did it.
    Im positive it has to be a loose cable or one of the circut boards or motherboards.

    Ive heard of this before but he said he was playing a wrestle game and randomly froze up then when he turned it back on it froze up again in a few minutes. Could a componate of the game ruined something
    Its a very weird problem any insight is aperciated Im going to take it apart again later tonight and take a look at the mobo and ribbon cables.

    This time i took it COMPLETELY apart
    Till i have a pile of screws circut boards faceplate backplate etc etc
    Put it back together
    And it seems to be working better.
    We'll see xD
    but one funny thing is Now r and l are Kinda Over sensitive
    Its halerious.
    I love taking apart psps haha.