• Can someone give me a crash course in setting up the LSD.

    I know what a LSD does in real terms. (A limited Slip Diff), but what is the best way to set it up for the races.

    I know by setting up the acceleration part of it witha
  • Really what it does is that it either loosens or tightems the torque on your tires. Hence limited "slip" differential.
  • I know in real term....in real life a LSD is invaluable to a v8, to control the torque to the rear wheels.

    They allow the wheels to roll at different speeds by redistributing the torque and avoid the car being pushed 'sideways'.

    I understand the principle of a LSD in accelleration I just do not know how best to set up the other two settings for maximum effect.

    This is the techincal nature of the game which adds a cool element and makes for a great feeling when you eventually find yourself with a finely tuned and well balanced car to drive!! Just having trouble with traction and tire wear right now!
  • One word man. "codes" there ya go. No not fo this game? fine. I have trouble with that also.
  • What kind of car are you useing? ( FF-FR-MR-4WD)
  • I've noticed much better traction performance when playing around with the LSD settings. It makes a big difference in the way your car handles cornners and can give you the advantage over other cars.
    Just read the explaination that scrolls by in settings. And then play around with it.
    For race cars, I always raise the Init Torgue several clicks. (around 20)
    Then raise the Accel several clicks (around 47, 48)
    Then lower the Decel (around 15 - 20)
    This all depends on where your default settings were but U get the idea.
    The affect is apparent when you can start to break hard (early) into your cornner, let off the break and the wheels grab (giving U more traction) and the car is still kinda just rolling turn the wheels and punch out of the cornner and again getting more torgue on the accel side with more traction. Usually I'll double tap the X button to compensate or counter the understeer that is prevalent in most of the GT3 cars.
    i.e. you get into the cornner quicker and leave it quicker, which will improve your lap times and ability to overtake in cornners.
    Practice this a bit and you'll be able to whip around those cornners you used to curse at. :thumbsup: