• is there anyway to get licenses easier than trying a million times until you finally beat the clock
  • Sorry, if your referring to cheats there are none for this game. The only way you can get the lisenses is to beat them one at a time.

    Keep trying, you'll get it.

    P.S. If your interested take a look at my challenge pinned at the top of this forum.
  • Some licenses are super hard to beat. For example if you spin out on a course you fail. Just have to keep on trying.!!!
  • i can get you a guide to all of them if you want
    here yu go since i am the code master


    There are 8 parts to this license test. Most tests are done twice with a
    different car each time. Please note that going into the grass for over 2
    seconds or hitting a wall will result in immediate failure in any test.
    Getting at least a bronze on each test will allow you to receive the license.

    B-1 Start, Acceleration and Braking I

    Accelerate from a standing start and stop as quickly as possible in the goal
    area beyond the finish line at 1000 meters. It is best to switch from full
    acceleration to full braking. HINT: Use the distance markers every 100 meters
    to judge when to start braking.

    Car used: Volkswagon New Beetle 2.0
    Times to beat:
  • to tell you the truth i actally bought gameshark and got all licences and bonus cars
    YEAH :grin1:
  • I have found if you change the default gear setting to manual it makes the world of difference once you get use to it, You have a lot more control over the car and can choose a higher gesr to reduce wheel spin in tight corners.
    Only other thing I can offer is to just keep tryin, you will eventually get it.
    Keep racin and keep ya chin up.
  • Licenses are like freakin hard, but I just got a couple last night. This game has got to be the best
    racing game on the ps2 today.
  • Having problems with getting the licences?

    simple solution needed?

    ok then ;)

    rent GT Concept

    the 10 licences are much easier. then your first race should be Midfield Raceway II

    this gives you the Skyline GT-R Concept and you can whup everything else of the track

    then once you finish all the races it gives you a little bonus - 10,000,000 Credits and all licences (bronze) to save to your GT3 file

    and the licences are much easier here!

    i finished GT Concept to 87% in under 3 hours - i couldnt be bothered getting the other 5 golds in the licences and it was only rented for one night ;)