Need help with online gaming issue
  • Well, first of all I'm going to say that I've never set up anything online, the only thing I know how to set up is my modem which is just plugging in a few cords.

    First of all, I'm on a wired connection which I am of course trying to play through a modem. I have everything set up, but there are a few things that I think I'm doing wrong. First of all, am I supposed to plug in my ethernet cable into the actual computer hardrive or can I plug it through the modem? Because the problem is that my hardrive only has one ethernet port that I can see which means that I can't have my modem and my PS3 plugged into the hardrive at the same time.

    That is why I have to take the ethernet cable that connects the modem into the hardrive to connect my PS3 into the modem, and I'm not sure if that is going to work.

    This is my first question, and if it turns out that I cannot possibly play online with this setup I'll give up and continue playing good ol' single player games :)

    I have something else I should mention, when I go test the connectivity it goes IP adress is alright but then the connectivity says that the DNS has failed, and I have no clue of what a DNS means.

    If you need more refined information, I'll be glad to explain as thouroughly as possible.

    I just called customer service to get my DNS adress but they hung up on me, lol. I think its because it's after hours but anyway. There is a number after it says that there is a DNS issue. The number is 80710102, much like the guy in this post:

    But instead of a 6250 I have the 4200 version. I really need help, I'm bored crapless :)
  • It will work but you need to turn off the power to your modem before making the switch- this lets your ISP know the IP address your computer is freed up and make it available for the PS3.

    Have a look in your connections on the computer, you should find the one for your internet provider (this is in Network Neighborhood with Windows). If they did not put the DNS addresses there locate the Command prompt in the Star menu of Windows and type ipconfig /all- this should bring up your computer's connection information. Locate the primary and Secondary DNS server addresses in that info and put them into the PS3's settings just as they are shown (may want to write them down seeing as you have to take the computer offline).
  • I did this and it said as follows

    P DNS:
    S DNS:

    Now I'm not sure if this is correct, but that is what I read. When I do automatic DNS, those numbers come up for the P DNS but the secondary is just zeros.

    I've looked around and noticed that this is a big problem for alot of people and I've tried all of the solutions I've seen, but none of them work. What's the next step?
  • Those numbers do not sound correct at all. Try contacting your net provider's tech support and ask them for the DNS server numbers. Then add them into the correct areas of the PS3's connection. Doing this should fix things up.
  • I did so and said 'I want my DNS numbers' and sat there for ages trying to explain what I wanted, so he told me to go to the run thing and command then type in 'ipconfig' which I did, but that was just a whole bunch of IP adresses and no DNS.

    The fact that this guy was Indian didn't make it any better, but I think I got through to tech support regarding not being able to connecdt to the internet for that is the only one that seemed right. Does anyone know what's happening?
  • It's amazing how many places are using tech support from halfway around the world to save a few bucks. :frown:

    If you haven't yet, go ahead and try those addresses you got earlier. If they don't work i would contact the tech support again and say "I'm trying to find my DNS addreses to get my game console online. I did the ipconfig command but could not find the answer there". Keep at them and eventually they will tell you.