In Need of Assistance!!!!!!!!
  • We bought a Psp last Christmas for our son, and all of a sudden, it will not read any discs and is making a noise like the disc is rubbing or something? I am not a avid user, but my son is destroyed without it. I need to know how to service it! I pitched the box and all of the contents about 3 weeks ago. OOPS!!! Can u help me? :(
  • The lens on the laser may have become misaligned and is rubbing on the disc.

    The phone number for Sony in North America is 1-800-345-7669. You may need your receipt as proof of purchase. The PSP has a one year warranty on it so they should make arrangements to send you a package to send the PSP back to them free of charge. Once they receive it they will most likely send back a new PSP.

    Next time I would advise keeping hold of the paperwork that comes with it- some of it comes in handy. ;)