Warhawk VS COD4
  • Your opinions please.

    I love COD4 online, (if your not in the API clan, whats wrong with you?) and have been considering Warhawk as well.

    I am relatively new to online gaming, would i be out of my depth on Warhawk, i have seen some tips for it on OPM mag and it looks complicated.

    Anyone who replies is welcome to kill me in COD4 (there you go Shadow and sfjp, i can now say i let you win).


    Another cunning plan comes to fruition!
  • yeh warhawk looks amazing still waiting for my copy from ap (cough cough) hahhaha. Na it looks brilliant and the omega dawn looks even better and its only 3.50 ant say wich is better as not played warhawk but cant wait to.
  • May get it anyway, i can get killed on there just as easily as i do on COD4, hehe
  • nah your alreet at cod4 best thing to do is have a couple of hours just on free for all you vs the internet find wich weopans and mods suit you get levelled up to give you a few options thats ball ive done and im sure shadow has done something similar we just dont see sunlight that our sacrafice for being good hahahaha.
  • Bought Warhawk, WOAHH!!!!

    this game is harsh for newcomers, also, didn't realise it was a 3rd perosn shooter.

    Flying around getting blown up is amazing, running around getting shot before you have finished spawning, not so.

    Will take some getting used to, but i will persevere.

    POKERDON to the Rescue!! (or graveyard, as its known to my online firends!)
  • Yeah for newcomers it will prove difficult, you have to get use to the shooting system even if it does prove a tad difficult.....;)
  • warhawk is a great game the best bit it is the flying i love that,can be a very hard game at times but never the less a GREAT GAME.
  • i see you have finally received your copy sfjp.

    How you finding it? Completely different feel to COD4, but a great game.

    Still think i prefer COD4 though.
  • yeh lovin it though can understand what you sayin i bought omega dawn but cant play it ive redownloaded it 5 times no joke and instaled it 5 times it dosent appear on my games list and when i go on war hawk its not there can you please help its really peein me off. but yeh gonna go back to playin cod4 again.