Gon Con 2 on PS3?
  • I found an old copy of Die Hard trilopgy on PS1, and i have a Gun Con 2.

    Can i use the Gun Con 2 on PS3 AND on Die Hard?

    Just wondering, ages since i used it and canot remember how to set it up.

    Help please, if only to stop me messing about with wires.
  • Yes, the GunCon 2 should work on the PS3. However, you will have to use the regular a.v cables that came with the system, which may mean changing how you are hooked up to the tv. The cord with the yellow bit on the end on the GunCon will plug into the yellow jack on the back of the tv inputs and then you plug the yellow video cable into that (as you've noticed it has the passthrough for the standard composite cables).

    This may not work with an LCD or plasma tv as the GunCon 2 was designed with CRTs in mind.
  • i wouldn't adv using it even if it does work i have heard from comments on web before that can damage your screens dont know if this is bull s*it or not but not worth the risk.
  • Maybe if you throw it as the screen but other than that it is complete BS.
  • oh sorry mate it was just something that was said on a differant forum when i was looking in to the new timecrisis a while ago.
  • Thanks for the advice guys, will try again, but don't hold out much hope.