• I`m running in the a Mustang with alot of horsepower put I have tire wear tire and I`m still lossing races. When I view the replay, the computer cars tires are not as wore out as mine by the 5th lap I need help with car setup and the right tires {laSeguna raceway] please

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  • When you do the 10 lap and up races,you'll need to use the racing slick tires. The problem is they take 1 to 2 laps to warm up. I'm learning how race on cold, then wore out tires. You will have to learn this also.

    The cheapest tires are the racing slicks I think, they will last the longest. I can run 10 laps with them most of the time.
    Hope this helped some.
  • Drmetz13 is right but you also want to check your camber and te angle.
  • another way is to brake early in the turn because braking late can make you slide. You should also take adavantage of the pressure sensitive abilty. don't push squeeze the brake button too hard or the tires will lock. I finally got used to the sensing of it. In turns I just hold the accelerator a little bit then give it full force once im out of the turn.
  • Super slicks cost 5000 cr more but they do last longer than sports and still prvide more grip. Thats cause they are racing tires buddy. Use those. And why would you use softs in races with no tire wear, just buy the super's man.
  • I run mediums on every car. Except the test course and the Speed track, then I use super-slicks.
    Or I'll put med-slicks on the tires that burn out quickly due to drivetrain or braking characteristics.
    I only have to pit once in 10 laps and twice in 15, 3 times in a 20 lap race.
    It all depends on the car and how you drive. But you'll get better traction and more laps with the mediums.
    ex: on the Viper I'll put med-slick on the front and mediums on the back because I brake hard and the front will burn out quicker.

    TIP! If you're entering series races and racing against cars that you can't get at least 20 to 25 seconds ahead of by the 5th lap, then you 'may' not be using the best car for that series. If I get say 23-24 seconds ahead by the 5th lap and not pit until 6th lap, I always win, hands down. (I not talking about the singles, I have won plenty of singles by 0.064 or 1 - 2 secs.)

    But if you can run super-slicks and not pit at all and win the race, then 'go for it.'

    One way to test the tire damage characteristics of your car without
  • using the super hard super slicks are good because they don't wear as fast, but you have to learn to drive on cold tires because they take a long time to warm up. you also have to take turns at slower, more careful speeds because they don't grip as well as the soft tires.
  • I've always stuck with medium tires, i can run up to 8 laps with them or so, usually because alot of the races im running now are 15 laps.
  • Get the super slick tires. Thats all I use now anyway. Remember on turns slow in, fast out!!! :2devilish: