error code for ps3
  • i keep getting an error message calles 8002AD23..usually between games when i go back to the main lobby of my ps3...can anyone tell me what this means, and if i can fix it??
    Thank You
  • If you are on a wireless connection this could be a sign of getting disconnected for a second. It's possible you may not be getting enough signal to keep a stable connection. Are you running wireless for the PS3? If so, what sort of percentage is the signal strength?
  • yes my connection is a wireless one..i rarely get disconnected while playing games just seems to do it when im between games on the main screen of the ps3..ive checked the signal strength a few times when this happens and ive never seen it below 85%...its usually 90 or higher..thanx again
  • It's definitely enough signal so that's somewhat odd. You may want to doublecheck your settings- maybe something has to be tweaked on the router such as opening a specific port.
  • thanks for your time and help..i really have no clue about router ports and such..ill just hafta live with it i again
  • It's a lot easier than you may think, really. I never knew anything about them either until i went ahead and bought one to get my PS2 (at the time) hooked up online. With a bit of trial and error i soon had things under way.

    What brand and model of router are you using? i should be able to guide you through it.
  • im using a Linksys wireless-G router model WRT54GS
  • Ok, first thing I'm going to suggest is set up the same static IP address for the PS3 every time it wants to go online. Once you log into your router ( type in your browser address bar then type admin in the password blank of the box that comes up), go to the Wireless section and select DHCP Server Settings. You will see several blanks here- the first one is "client name". This would be PlayStation 3 or PS3, whatever you like to remind yourself what that IP is for. The next column is "assign this IP". The IP should be set somewhere high enough to not interfere with anything else going online, such as your computer. Seeing as the default next address to hand out is let's make your PS3's address

    The next blank you see is for the MAC Address- this is the actual ID of things wanting online through the router. You can find this in the PS3's Settings menu by going into System Settings-System Information. Type the address in exactly as shown with hyphens and check the Enable box to the right. Click the Save Settings button at the bottom when done.

    Now, Port Forwarding. This is found under the Applications and Gaming tab. You should see a variety of blanks here. First is the Application blank- put the same name you put on the PS3 in the DHCP area. In the blanks to the right you will type the start and end numbers of the ports the PS3 needs for proper online play. In the case of single ports you simply type the same number in both blanks. next to that yu see TCP and UDP- these are port types. Select the one that is right (I'll list the ports just below). You then enter in the last numbers of the IP address you gave for the PlayStation 3 and check the Enabled box. Once you get everything entered (should take 8 entries, you can remove some of those top few) click the Save Settings button and give the PS3 a try.

    Here are the ports the PS3 uses for online:

    • TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223, and 10070 - 10080
    • UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658, and 10070

    Again, this is all fairly basic- just take your time and all should go as planned. B)