Bonus Car for 50% Completed Game
  • I received the C5R Vet for hitting 50% of game completion.
    It came with less HP and torgue than the one you can buy.
  • Thats awesome! I have played the game for only 2 days and i have it 23% completed, with a Mazda Miada that has 340hp, triple clutch,flywheel,racing chip,stage 2 turbokit system, port polish, and the stage 2 engine system. I have about 20 bronze but no gold or silver yet in the A license.
  • There are three bonus cars:
    50% : Corvette C5R
    75% : Mazda 787 B
    100%: F094/S

    have fun !
  • I'm pretty sure I got the Viper team Oreca for 75% complete. Oh Well.
  • [b]You would have got the Viper Team Oreca for winning all the races in Amateur level and its a car you cant sell ;)
  • Your right Maj. It was for completing the Am's.
    I was'nt sure.