Secret Professional mode
  • If you hold L1 and R1 during the difficulty selection screen in arcade mode, "hard" becomes, "Professional". Anybody know what this is? You still have to race 10 boring laps like in hard mode.
  • I saw it too, maybe some extra level which is released after you reach the 'goal' in Bonus Items? Did any one reach it already?
  • What i've heard is that the cars in GT3 are not driven to their full potential by the computer in arcade and simulation mode. If you do the "Professional" mode in arcade mode the computer drives the cars to their full potential.
  • Professional is 10 laps with tire damage. Hard is only 5 laps and no tire damage.
    I had a harder time putting some distance between my F687/S and the 787B. So, I tend to believe the potential theory.
    I have'nt completed it yet but I have completed Normal and Hard Level.
  • PS, looks like there is no clear status for PRO level, so I guess there is no completion or bonus.
    Might be good for practice on a 10-lap track your having hard time on in Sim-mode, so you don't mess up your win ratio or something.
    Why don't we have F1 tracks in Arcade?
  • I checked to see if I have the same performace as in sim mode and I do.
    Even though it shows stock HP when you select your car. You have the same settings as set in sim mode.
    I played with the Auto-set (gear ratio) then took the car to arcade mode, the performance changed.