tooth past not just good for your teeth
  • Hello fellow gamers.
    When i ve had amaged discs in the past ive used a polishing cloth or if really bad given it a rinse under the tap then dried then clothed it. However my friend has been saying for years to use tooth paste. I recentley started final fantasy 7 completed first disc but second was all messed up and wouldnt work, asit happened my mate was round and told me to use tooth paste technique. First i aplied toothpaste directley to disc then with a tissue rubbed it in to the cd in a clock work fashion. I kept doing this until all of it had gone from eye sight. I then just inserted disc in to ps3 and SHAZAM it worked perfecrtly i then experimneted on cd's and over older games and worked for them to. Just though i would mention it in case wanna give it a try. However i will not take responsibility if damages any other hardware or software but seems to be something many people have done and like my self have had no problems and 100% success.

    Thanks again for listening Samuel Pennington.:p
  • Also very good for getting rid of love bites apparently!!!!!

    Any other uses?
  • pokerdon said:
    Also very good for getting rid of love bites apparently!!!!!

    Any other uses?

    It makes your discs minty fresh as well. :p

    I had heard of this as a solution before but never was sure how much there was to it- guess we have proof now.
  • Yeah, think I'll pass.
    don't fancy buying a tube of Colgate just to use on my Games, might end up growins teeth or something :eek:
  • hahahahaha that would be funny to see.
  • .....would rather have them grown there than somewhere else.......