• Help,new to this! got sky broadband with wireless router. Everything connected ok. Setup remote play with psp, now when my laptop looks for wifi connection it finds 2. one says sky, the other ps3 yet it can't connect to either!! I don't mind cause I can go online with ps3 but wife not to happy about laptop:redface: something about her being able to go online:D
    help please.
  • Looks like the IP address your laptop normally got is taken up by either the PSP or the PS3.

    I would suggest going into the router settings on the computer and look for the DHCP area (most likely in the Advanced or Security sections). In here you will set aside a specific IP address just for the laptop using its MAC Address, which should be found by checking out the properties of her wireless card. Once you do this and apply the settings (you can do the same thing with both the PSP and PS3, btw) she should be able to get online.
  • Cheers, will give it a go tonight.