The Club - Demo
  • Anyone else played this? In theory it sounds like an amazing game, running and gunning against the clock, using multypliers to increase score etc...

    In practice (bearing in mind there is still time to fix these) the shooting dynamic is all wrong, too twitchy, meaning you have to stop running to shoot someone. Kind of defeats the object.

    Although i am dead against auto-aim features, this game needs some kind of lock on when running and gunning.
  • i was not a keen fan to be honest ive looked in to it as well as laying the demo i understand the concept and theyv'e done that well but not my sort of game though i presume it will probably do quite well.
  • It was Ok not ground-breaking but fun. I dont know if i will be getting the final game? Considering the amount of amazing releases in 08.
    The shooting dynamic suited the kinda game it is, its just like you said a lil too difficult, twitchy if you will.