Rachett And Clank, Help!
  • Hi, im on Planet Mukow, once once on the planet i go forward then turn tight, where i find a wall of light and a light blue glowing circle on the ground, what do i do to get up past the vertical wall of light?

  • To get past that barrier you need the Decrypter, which isn't found until you get to planet Sargasso. You'll have to bypass this for now and come back later.
  • Hi, i didnt know there was a planet Sargasso?, how many sectors are there??, and how do i get to this planet?

  • There are about 18 worlds in all. In some cases (Mukow and Fastoon) you have to visit twice. It's a pretty long game for all. You are just getting started! B)
  • Blimey!, yes a big game, but how do i get to the other worlds?

  • No worries- as you complete each main task you'll get into a situation which gives you the co-ordinates for the next as you complete it. Just keep on playing! B)
  • hi i am stuck on slags fleet , after i exit on the 2nd bridge and then go to the only exit there is a turret/ cannon gun and kill the enemies i am stuck there is a floating platform and no where to go please help !!!
  • This is in Ublik Passage you are talking about?
  • hi yes thats where it is , its driving me mad i kill everything and cant find out where to go . i have even tried useing my pirates outfit but nothing ....please help :huh:
  • If this is the spot I'm thinking of you should see a grated bridge to your left after finishing off the necrophyds. Top up at the vendor after taking out the pirate on the turret and you'll seee a barge to get on.
  • i cant get on the barge. all i see is a floating platform with a yellow light on it
  • That is the barge- just jump on to it, there's an opening along the middle.