Memory stick not showing up please help!
  • I have a memory stick and loaded some video files on to my ps3. I did this twice. Then I loaded some more files on to transfer and the memory stick just quit showing up. I formatted the memory stick and tried it again nothing. This is driving me nuts since it doesn't make any sense. It worked very well and then just stopped. The memory stick still works great on my computer but nothing happens when I put it in the PS3. If anybody has had this problem or heard of it please let me know what to do. Thank you for reading.

  • It may be the reader on the PS3 that is acting up. If this is the case you will have to get Sony to fix it. May be easier (and cheaper) to get a USB card reader if your PS3 is out of warranty.
  • I had asimilar problem last night we had a usb stick inserted to the ps3 it read that it was there but i wouldnt show up the contenet that was on it (AVI) file. i presum ps3 has codecs to deal with this though i am looking in to the issue ill check out your problem aswell see whats happening.
  • Thanks for replying. It's not the reader because it's a usb memory stick not a memory card and I checked all the usb ports with the charger cable and they all work. This is a very weird problem since it worked fine. With the problem where the files don't show up just highlight the memory stick and press triangle and hit show all then it will show all your movies even the ones that are not supported. That's what I did when the memory stick worked lol. Hopefully I can figure this out if anybody has anymore information please let me know. I might just end up calling sony since I have only had the ps3 for a month. Thanks for reading and helping.