PS3 no 7.1 on optic cable
  • I get 6.1 and 7.1 out of my reciever via optical cable from other bd players. I contacted monster cable and they confirmed that i dont have a magic optical cable. I contacted sony with the following.

    the PS3 supports 7.1 via HDMI but optic cable does not. the manual says that the optic cable doesnt have the bandwith. I contacted monster cable and they said there optic cable supports 7.1 pcm. my reciever will accept 6.1 and 7.1 via optic cable as well. since the PS3 uses software to control the output of the audio signal I dont see why you cant give a patch / firmware to give the same audio output options as the HDMI

    heres there reply.
    Thank you for writing us.

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    from what I gather the PS3 audio output of HDMI and optical run off the same chip and are software controlled. I dont see any reason why a patch to give the same options for optical as the HDMI and let peoples recievers determin if it can handle the signal.

    I know I am knot allone with this problem