please help HD connectivity
  • I just bough a new HDTV and it works perfectly only when I play PS3 do I have a problem. It has a lot of red wavy lines going on in the background. Now my question is I used some component wires, the ones with the 5 plugs, is there a chance that this could be casuing the issue? Or is my TV faulty? Please help, any advice would be great, I'm really nervous I just got the TV home :redface: ...
  • sorry answered my own question. thanks anyways!!
  • No problem, chillin- it happens. B) feel free to ask anytime you have a question about the black beauty there.
  • I'm having this problem as well. What can I do about the wavy red lines?
  • The problem may be your component wires not being connected properly- i would doublecheck to make sure everything is in the right place and connected snugly.