USB Headphone Support for the PS3
  • When will there be an update to allow audio output to USB headphones/headsets?? Currently only output to RCA/Optical/HDMI is allowed, but, unfortunately, most headsets/headphones are USB...
  • Don't hold your breath waiting for this one- I highly doubt Sony will be adding this to the audio out options. If you are wanting the game sounds via a headset it would be easier to get a set of normal headphones for whatever stereo system you are using.

    We usually never hear what Sony has planned for future updates other than via rumors until just before they bring it out- they do a good job of keeping things on the down-low. Most times when you do hear things via the rumor mill you can dismiss them as wishful thinking.
  • The problem is that if you use a usb headset, you're screwed because you can't hear the audio from the game!...and if you use a bluetooth headset, you have to somehow put the headphones over the's just a MAJOR pain in the ass...
  • I do realize that and I do agree with you. However, you could still try one other option for talking online- the PlayStation Eye camera. The microphone on it is very good quality and will pick up your voice from a decent amount of distance. You could use that along with regular headphones while playing.
  • some games do work so that all volume that comes out of headset for example mortal kmobat 2 from psn store does this it maybe game specific
  • Hi Sony PS3 players who want to get sound out of their USB/3.5mm Headphones.

    I've also purchased a USB Headphone and am playing on my computer PC monitor, however my monitor has speakers therefore no sound coming out. Neither is the USB Headphone that's plugged into the PS3 generating in-game audio.

    I've decided to get a Adpt 3.5mm St Skt -2 x RCA Skt which is a RCA female to 3.5mm female adaptor.

    If you have output Video as HDMI and output audio as RCA, that way you can:

    - View HDMI on your PC monitor
    - Have sounds coming out of your PS3 to your headset.

    To do that:

    If you plug your output White and Red RCA (ignore the yellow video) to the female RCA adaptor, and then plug in your 3.5mm Headphone to the female adaptor, you should get sound.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, because I haven't tried it yet, and this is my cheapest way to get in-game audio. I can on the other hand get a HDMI monitor with speakers but they cost around $460+ AUD where as the adaptor only costs about $4.00 AUD.

    We basically not use the USB adaptor that comes with the headphone, so if your headphone is USB only then you won't be able to get sound.
    (usually your headset should come with 3.5mm connection and a USB converter)

    Good Luck
  • Hey guys,

    It worked. 3.5mm/USB Headphones work if you have a female RCA to 3.55m female adaptor.

    HDMI video out
    Audio RCA out

    Go to Settings > Sound Settings > Audio Output Settings > Pres X to Confirm
    Choose "Audio Input Connector / SCART/ AV Multi

    Next and Press X to Save

    If you want Microphone via your USB, then Go to Settings > Accessory Settings > Press X to Confirm
    Scroll down to Audio Device Settings
    For Input Device, choose your USB headset/headphone
    for Output Device, choose your USB headset/headphone
    Save it and ok.

    Now you have in game Audio via RCA and Microphone via USB.




    Justek Online
  • Most people ask this question, because they are in this situation:

    You are using your PC LCD monitor to play PS3 games. But your LCD monitor does not have speakres to generate sound. Presuming you can use a USB headphone/set to get in-game audio, you buy one and finding out it doesn't generate in-game audio via USB. The mic works but all you hear is other people's chat.

    In conclusion, the above solution is the cheapest way to get ingame audio for PS3.