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  • My PSP Does Not Update 3.80 Ver Show The Error Message DADADA Could Not Load
  • The update file may have been corrupted during download. You may have to delete it and try again.
  • pls help me to downgrade my 3.95 without any pandora bat or mem stick,,im a newby in ds site!and accidentaly update my psp to the latest version mwithout knowing the risk!can u help me pls to bring it back or lower its version??pls help!TNX!gODBLESS
  • PLS help me!coz i cnmt use my psp now!it doesnt read any ISO files!
  • pls help downgrade my psp version 3.95,,
    anyway is 3.95 gen is redy for update???wen and wer can i do the update!??tnx
  • Afraid you won't find any help here, maijo- we are against the use of homebrew on the PSP and most definitely against the use of ISOs, which amounts to piracy. We believe in using the PSP as it was intended by Sony. You won't be able to downgrade without using one of the tricks you mention above and the risk is even higher using them as you could easily brick your PSP in the process.