• i recently got a hold of a ps1 system and ff7 game, the game played no problems all the way through the first disc and into the second disc up to the point where cloud and tifa fall into the lifestream together in mideel. the scene of them falling into the stream plays, they float down the screen, everything then goes white, and a buzzer goes off signaling it has failed to load, the game disc looks to be in great shape no scratches or anything. any suggestions??
  • Just to make sure it is the game and not the system, would you be able to try it on a friend's PSOne or PS2? If so and it happens in the same place then it would be the game.

    If the disc works fine then it's possible your system may have some sort of problem, possibly overheated. How long of a go did you have with the system before it gave you the "failed to load" buzz?
  • i had the same problem on disc two no cratches or anything i used the toothpaste technique and that fixed it.