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    So today was the day in which my play was read. Yes, the play that I posted on here for all of you to read awhile ago..It was read today. The people whom I nominated read the parts were very good. Some lines were not read quite how I had intended, but all in all it was a good reading. I was genuinely amazed with the fact that everyone who heard the play liked it. This is the one play that I loathed as I was writing it and apparently all my blood sweat and tears that I put into it made it appear as though it were art.
  • congradulations hope you get the grade you deserve A*.
  • Haha thanks sfjp:)
    I actually get an A on any assignment I hand in...even if it sucks. Because the class is essentially a workshop type class where I hold it out for everyone to critique and then better myself in that way.:)
  • Well well, so they actually framed themselves and liked it?
    Did you change anything hun? I hope not. Remember, I told you nothing needed changing, well apart from those two minor things.

    Well anyway, I'm just glad they finally recognise your true talent like I recognised straight away :)

    And if you keep it up then people will eventually say Will Shakespeare? Who?
    Mel Smith? OH, I know about her, her stories are legendary :cool:

    Speak soon my very good friend.

    Keep up the good, no wait GREAT, work Mel.