Wired Connection difficulties - DNS Error?
  • Hello I recently got my PS3 and I have been eager to go online with it and download some games and do other things that a PSN user usually does. However, I seem to be having trouble with connecting my PS3 to the Internet. :(

    My Situation :o
    I currently have a DSL Modem from D-Link that allows me to connect my PC to the internet by directly plugging a blue (ethernet) cable from the back of the PC to the Ethernet port of my DSL Modem.

    My PS3 and TV are 10m away from the PC and the modem so I recently bought a 15m Ethernet Cable (Standard they said). I'm not sure if it's a Crossover or a Straight-Through but it is black in colour and the packaging said it was a Cat6 Ethernet Cable Male to Male RJ-45. I plug this black cable from the back of the PS3 (Ethernet socket) and plug the other end into my DSL modem Ethernet socket (It has Ethernet written above the socket).

    I have updated my PS3 with 2.10 Firmware AUSTRALIA.

    This is what I did on my Network Settings on my PS3

    Wired Connection
    Auto-Detect Cable Type
    Manually typed all my IP and things in (What is the difference between a Default Gateway and a Default Modem? The latter being listed on the PS3 Menu
    Automatic MTU (What is MTU?)
    No Proxy
    and Enable UPnP[/CENTER]

    Ip connection: Succeeded
    Internet Connection: Failed

    An error occurred during communication with the server.
    This is a DNS error.

    I know my;
    IP Address
    Subnet Mask
    Default Gateway
    and the 2 DNS

    If you can suggest any answers that would be most Appreciated.
    Could it be my house?
    Could it be the wrong cable?

    Thank you very much.
  • That D-Link box would actually be a router, I think- can you tell me the model number on there?

    That particular cable you have is not the right one- you need a simple bit of CAT-5e (also known as RJ45) ethernet cable. R6 is a slightly different type.

    The default gateway would be the IP address of the router (if your D-Link box actually is one). As for MTU, that stands for Maximum Transmission Unit- in other words, the largest chunk of data allowed through in a packet. This can be left alone at automatic.

    Now, if it turns out that is a modem (a search did tell me D-Link does have one model of modem, the DSL-2320B) this may be a simple matter of unplugging the power from the modem for a few seconds and then plug it in again. This will allow your internet provider to free up the IP address.
  • Hello thank you so very much for answering so quickly! :)
    When I look at the actual box it says that it is;

    DSL -300G Generation (The generation bit is probably not required)
    from D-LINK.

    I also didn't think it was a router because it only has 1 socket to put one of those Category 5 or 6 cables into it (But it does indeed have Ethernet written on top of the socket).

    I think you're right about that when you say it might be the wrong cable so I'm going to be going into the same electronics shop to get it exchanged :cool:

    It's just that this cable is black in colour and if I remember correctly the other one is red in colour and when I saw some Youtube videos on how to set it up most of them were either black or white :(

    Cat5e Cables. Got it. Thank you!

    I am going to the shops in about 2 hours time so I'll respond very soon.

    For the time being thank you so much! :cool:
  • Don't pay any attention to the color- they come in various colors to suit taste, it doesn't mean anything about capabilities.
  • Would it make any difference if on the Cable package it said "100% Compatible with Cat 5/5e"?
    I'm guessing that it isn't working because itself it is a Cat6 that is compatiable with Cat 5/5e and it actually isn't a Cat5.

    I still haven't gone and bought it yet :( parents aren't back.
  • I'm not a big believer is things that say they are "compatible"- I prefer to get the actual thing that's supposed to be used.

    A quick search of D-Link's UK site turned up nothing on that particular model number so i can't find a manual for it. Part of the problem may be only getting the one IP address through the modem from your internet provider. By using the same one in both the computer and the PS3 you are creating a conflict.

    A solution there would be to pick up an inexpensive router. I personally thin this would be the easiest route to take. The CAT-5e cable would then go from the modem to the router, which would then handle giving the PS3 all the information it needs. Considering the brand of modem a D-Link router would likely be best.