Trouble connecting to PS Network:(
  • Hello everyone. Wow I thought I was the only one having troubles with the connection here. Its great to have people like LYNDON and Jay helping everyone out. Well I am having the same problem as most of these, except I only get an error in the PS NETWORK. When I connect, everything is SUCCESSFUL except that!:confused:

    I have a 60GB PS, I play online wireless (Linksys wireless WRT54GR router with 4 ports in the back) I have been playing online for over a year, I have had this problem before but only for a couple of minutes, I would restart my router and things would work. Now, I haven't been playing in 2 weeks because of this issue. My connection strength is between 82-97% usually. It is a little weird, although the NETWORK fails to connect, somehow it still signs me in and I can go to the PS Network to see whats new for download (although i can tell its really slow). I have a computer and also a laptop. The computer is where the router is hooked up..and with my laptop i get my internet connection off of it too (wireless of course)

    I believe I have 1 IP address, and I read that I might have to change something with that? If it is that, could you tell me how to get another IP address strickly for the PS3 I guess?

    Sorry for the long message, this problem is becoming quite frequent. Thank you so much for any help anyone gives. Take care!

  • now i managed to fix it..all i did (strangly) was capitalized my whole WEP key... now when i test connection it says UPnP - Not Available and I get a NAT Type 3. Any suggestions? Thank you

    ps. When the ps3 connects and disconnects to MEDIA SERVER what does it mean? What is Media Server? thx
  • If you think that bit of sucking up at the start is going to help you are... probably right. :p

    NAT Type 3 will give you troubles with connecting- the ideal is NAT 2. NAT 3 is too closed up and will block the traffic from the PlayStation network.

    It is somewhat simple to set up a custom IP address for the PS3. Go into your Settings menu on the PS3 and down to System Settings. Go into System Information and write down the MAC Address- you'll need this for setting up the IP.

    Now, go into the router settings and look for the DHCP list- this is under the Network Set Up. Click the button marked "Static DHCP". In the first set of blanks you see you will put in the IP address you want the PS3 to get- make this a number you are sure won't interfere with the computer or laptop, maybe In the next set of blanks enter in the MAC Address of the PS3. Check the enable box beside that and hit the Save Settings button at the bottom.

    Now, with that done you will want to open up certain ports fr the PS3 to use. This is found under the Gaming and Applications tab- look for "Port Range Forwarding". Under Application name put PlayStation Network or PlayStation 3- whatever you like. You've no doubt seen me listing the ports needed- still, they can get lost somewhat quickly. Here they are again:

    • TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223, and 10070 - 10080
    • UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658, and 10070

    Enter these in on separate lines, you should need 8 in all. For the single port numbers put the same number in the start and end blanks. Select the correct types in the drop down menus beside each. You will also need the IP addres you made for the PS3- enter that in the "To IP Address". Check the enabled boxes beside each one and save settings.

    Now, just to be sure everything is reset correctly, unplug the router's power and then the modem. After about 30 seconds plug in the modem and wait for the lights to show normal status. Then, plug in the router again. If all goes well you should now have NAT 2 and be able to game online with no problems.
  • I didn't suck up haha! I tried, but didn't:) Seriously you're doing a great job helping people out here. They should give you a raise haha. Anyways, for the router settings part (After i wrote down my MAC address) do you mean...go into the actual software of the router?? I dont have that installed or anything on my big computer...because I reformatted it. Do i have to create another connection/network? I dont know how to get into the part where I put all those addresses down. The only thing I remember is when I'm setting up the asks whether I want a WEP key or the other ones, dont really remember anything else. Will I get to that if I put in the cd for the Linksys? or is this actually on the PS3 somewhere? I know my computers, but dont really do a lot of networking and all that stuff.

    Thanks Lyyyyyyndonnn:cool:
  • If you have your router reinstalled go to its options pages by typing in the web browser address bar. You'll see a log in box show up- type admin in the password blank (leave the username empty) and click the OK button. Then just follow the instructions I laid out above.
  • see i tried doing that, I typed in "admin" for password and left the username blank. I clicked enter and the same window pops up again saying "linksys wrt54gb requires a username and password" or something. So I dont know how to pass that part. :huh:
  • I figured it out. I actually changed the password a while ago, but I bypassed that issue now! I filled in everything that you said, now I am under the PORT RANGE FORWARDING, I typed in my application name on the left and now there is a box, 2 columns of about 15 boxes "Start ~ End Port". Next to that is PROTOCOL with a drop down menu of " TCP"(default) "UDP" and "BOTH" the numbers that you listed, next to that.."TO IP ADDRESS" and finally the "ENABLED" with about 15 check boxes for each box going down. You said I need 8 rows/boxes right? So in the first 2 boxes under "Start~End Port" I would type just 2 numbers out of all these right ( 80, 443, 5223, and 10070 - 10080) ? And I would keep that as TCP? but I would change the drop down menu to UDP at the 5th box down right? Ughh so many things do to haha! Mind guiding me with it? lol.

    Thanks for your help
  • also for the IP ADDRESS part under PORT RANGE I put in the last 3 numbers of the ip address under all 8 "TO IP ADDRESS" boxes? and do I check mark all 8 under "ENABLED" ?

    It has 2 boxes for each row something like this..

    XXX= box field

    "XXX ~ XXX" then "PROTOCOL" with drop down menu" then "TO IP ADDRESS"

    and finally "ENABLED" check boxes...hopefully this is all the info that you need:)
  • I thought I explained it all pretty clearly up above in my first post there, snake. :huh:

    The application name for each line you will use can be whatever you like- PlayStation Network as an example.

    Now, the port numbers. For the port numbers that are on their own put the same number in both blanks (for TCP port 80 put 80 in the start blank and the end blank). Now, look at the listing of ports i gave up above- each set of ports is listed as TCP or UDP. Port 80 is listed under the TCP so select that. As I said up above, put the IP address you gave the PS3 in the IP address blank and then check the enable box to the far right.

    Do each set in order, all of the TCPs and then the UDPs, just like that and you will be fine.
  • Wicked! It fixed it..for now at least! Yeah I just forgot what you wrote above lol but I needed to know mostly about the ports and what not! Well I tested my connection..everything is good except the UPnP is not available. How do I fix this?

    Thanks Lyndon
  • Having that unavailable is normal- nothing to worry about there.
  • Oh alright. I remember it was AVAILABLE before, but thats ok, I'll listen to you :) and everything seems normal now.

    Thanks again for all your help "Bionic Commando" lol

    ps. Any idea of the date Metal Gear 4 comes out? Its somewhere in between March and May (hopefully sooner) :(
  • ughhh Im having problems again with the connection. This time when I play Call Of Duty 4, I only have a single bar, and it lags a lottt! I can't even play it...for some reason my signal has dropped! its at about a 70%. What can I do to fix this issue?:(
  • now its constantly in between 97%-100%

    Internet Connection Test

    Obtain IP Address Succeeded
    Internet Connection Succeeded
    UPnP -
    NAT Type -

    :( :( :( :(
  • and now only a few minutes later I tested it again and everything Succeeded with

    UPnP - Available
    NAT Type - Type 2

    I dont know why I have such a bad connection during the game (no one else that I play with has that issue when I look at everyone's connections)

    THanks a lot for your help
  • The wireless signal dropping would be due to some local interference- things like microwave ovens, cordless phones, monitors, house wiring, etc. can interfere with it if close enough. You may want to look into a range extender or a wired connection to give the signal a boost/ get rid of the wireless bit altogether. The Call of Duty 4 servers should have no bearing on that.
  • i have one wireless phone in there, and the only thing thats near it is the computer(and monitor, but its always been there)and the CABLE box for internet/phone/tv.. Range extender? Can you tell me a bit about that, what it is, what it does? and if its a specific wire or what not. When I look at my signal its almost at a 90% so the signal is there...weird:(
  • A range extender acts as a relay between the router and the devices connecting to it that may not be getting enough signal strength. It would simply sit somewhere between where your PS3 is and where the router is. For best results it should be the same brand as your router to ensure compatibility.
  • Oh alright. If i was to wire it, I would have to run a long cable and plus the cable would be visible all over the basement which sucks hah! So I'd rather go with the Range you think this will fix the issue? All I did was move the computer from one room...beside to the other which is like door to door, and I dont know why its acting up like that. Is there a specific model/performance number I should look for? I see one, D-Link tho, it says 802.11G, 54MBPS beside it. I am not too familiar with the speeds so if you could tell me that would be great. I am not looking to spend more than a 100 bucks on it so hopefully there is something decent. My ps3 is about 20-25 feet away from my computer and router...iff that! Do most "big" electronic stores have Linksys? or mostly D-Link and that other one that starts with Bel..or something? I seen you write to a few people that many have complained with the issues of the router they make etc..

    Thanks for your help Lyndon!

  • Yes, you'll find just about everyone carries Linksys.

    I did a check around several sites (The Source, Futureshop and Best Buy Canada) but wasn't able to see much in the way of extenders other than from The Source. It's the D-Link DWL- G710 (I know i said best to go with same brand if possible but this should still do nicely). Sells for $80 at both Staples and The Source.
  • Ok I have to go check it out then. And its easy to set up? Hopefully this will fix the problem! I dont know why it came to this though, I checked my internet connection on the PS3 and it was doesn't fall under 90% at all. Doesn't that mean that the signal strength is there and good ?
  • Yep, that strength should be plenty. Not sure why it would take a dip like before unless something else is going online at the same time, maybe a download going on the computer sucking up bandwidth. Maybe next time you are going online try turning the computer off as an experiment.

    Regarding your earlier question about MGS 4, nothing has been confirmed just yet.
  • Um yea I usually download big files off the net, and keep the laptop on over using uTorrent also, I came across some threads where people are saying that it might interfere with that?! umm, It actually works now, what happened was a couple of times I would go to my router and the light for the "ethernet cable" wasn't flashing (theres 4 ports in the back) and the cable was in too and i restarted my router and put the computer (tower) so that it doesn't "Sleep" because i noticed that the light doesn't flash when the computer goes to sleep!! So I changed that up, and now I have all my green bars when I play COD4...weird huh?

    ps. Metal Gear is actually set for June, just not a specific day yet
  • Hello. I was wondering why do I always have 1 orange bar when I play COD4? But when I turn off uTorrent I have more and I can play? How can I resolve this, do I have to get rid of uTorrent?
  • You don't necessarily have to get rid of it altogether. Throttle it back in the download speed (check uTorent's options for this) so that it will not hog all of your bandwidth (which is why you are getting the one bar in COD4) or just shut it down altogether while playing online.