Walkthrough - Pirates of the Caribbean - Legend of the Black Buccaneer
  • Help! I recently purchased the Pirates of the Caribbean - Legend of the Black Buccaneer, for my PS2 but I am clueless how to play. Does anyone have a walkthrough or can you direct me to where I might locate one? thanks.:confused:
  • I had been looking for one as well for helping members like yourself. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like anyone wrote one up (probably due to the game's lack of popularity). We wouldn't be allowed to link to it anyway- we have a rule about linking to other gaming sites.
  • Thank you for getting back to me...I'll probably just toss it because the game is way too frustrating to try to figure out...Thanks again.
  • Ok, I have about 129 hours on this game. I have everything but the scroll, the treasure and the ships supplies. I do have all the power~ups as well. Don't throw this game away, it's well worth the money and time. Great exercize for the brain! Maybe I can help you some.....I have just finished Legend of the Black Buccaneer, getting through that crustation was time consuming. If ya'all need help, let me know. [email]sgtpinkerton@tmail.com[/email]