Do I need a new Ribbon or Laser
  • Hi everyone and thanks in advance to anyone who may help. Here is my problem which I am sure is nothing new here. I bought a ps2 on ebay as is. I figured why not maybe I might learn something trying to fix it. Well first I cleaned the lens and that helped. It would go into the main menu before it would read the games first. So then I tried to adjust the height of the laser which helped because it would read the games a little bit faster. Me being me though this was not good enough so I made the brilliant decision the adjust the pots on the laser. The model number is 30001 by the way. This made the unit give me disc errors all the time now. Well I also got rubbing alcohol on the ribbon which discolored it a little bit. Now I know that you do not want to make any kind of contact with the ribbon. I guess my question is should I try putting in a new ribbon first or do I need a new laser? I had the laser working good enough before I went messing with the pots and got alcohol on the ribbon. It seems to me the laser is still good enough. Did I ruin the ribbon or the laser or both? Once again any help is greatly appreciated and thanks again in advance.:confused: :confused: :confused:
  • That shouldn't have affected the ribbon any, i would think. The main thing there is to be careful not to rip it out by accident. have a gfo at getting the laser's pots back down where they were when working somewhat smoothly and see what happens.

    This is definitely a better way of going about figuring out fixing things on the PS2- get one that is broken and try to fix it. That way you don't ruin the one you use to game on and if you do get it fixed you can sell it for a profit. B)
  • Hi Lyndon, Thanks for the reply. Well I have messed with it for a long time and I cannot get it to read discs anymore. I should have marked where the pots were. Since it was actually reading discs do you think It can be fixed with the right adjustment? Also the ribbon is discolored near the top where I made contact with it. I don't think it was like that before. Also I noticed the It takes a few attempts before the disc will start to spin. I should have left good enough alone. The lasers are too expensive to buy. It seems you are better of just buying a refurbished one. Thanks again.