Psp light only stays on for a few seconds.
  • When i try to turn my psp on, the green light only stays on for a few sec. and nothing happens. I have 3.52 firmware no custom work or enything like that. Also when i plug it in to charge same thing happens but it will charge. This has happened before but i got bored 1 day and was in the process of taking it apart and got 2 screws in and couldent get the rest(because i didn't have a small screw driver)and turned it back on and it worked and then a few days later this happen i dont have the money to go get another 1 and it is way to old for a refund. p.s. im kinda new to but i have read alot of forms so i have a good understanding. This didn't happen while i was playing a game or watching a movie i just turned it off and went to turn it back on and this happened. -_- pls help i haven't talk to sony b/c i dont have a receipt. Also i have tired another battery and the same thing happens.
  • This is really weird i was sitting here watching tv (pissed) and i just tried to turn on my psp and i came on so im thinking their is a problem with my battery connection or something.
  • It is possible the battery's connection may have become a bit loose in there. It could also be the bit of cable that goes from that connection to the motherboard acting up. If so it may need to be looked at.