Order of the coins?
  • 5 slots, three coins.
  • Of course there will be two open slots since there are only three coins. What level of difficulty are you on? That way i'll know how much to help. If you really want me to then i can post you the answer. Just le me know about that. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • no worries,
  • Ok, you will continue to get your butt kicked if you try to beat this guy. His name is Pyramid Head and he can NOT be defeated. All you need to do is avoid him and his attacks, especially by his tail, at all costs. Don't waste any ammo on him and heal only if needed. After a while, a horn will sound and he will retreat, and the water will subcede. Follow him, but not too closely or you'll be feeling very light headed as he'll slice you in half with his cleaver. Go through the door and there you go, first boss is out of the way. Feel free to keep asking as many questions as you need to on this game and I or one of the other great members will find you an accurate and speedy answer. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • I am running around the hospital, man, very creepy enviroment...