call of duty 4 online help??
  • I've just started to play online. When i get on all the games I get put into I think i have bad ping or what ever.. Most of my shots miss and when i hit select by my name theres 1 bar and its red and by everyone else's they have 3 - 4 bars and there all green.. How can i fix this so my game runs smoothly??
  • This happens a lot to everyone, the fact is though you must have a bad connection to all the games you're entered in. The only help i can suggest is to try and get a better internet connection, is youre PS3 connected wirelessly or have you got a wired connection?
    You may find that some games you will have a green connection too if you keep on searching.
  • Think it depends on where the host is based, i connect to most games quite easy, as you said 3 or 4 green bars.

    But i did connect to an Aussie bloke who was the host and i got 1 red bar.

    Just the luck of the draw i think.
  • A good part of it is the lag time created by trying to hook up with someone that is farther away than normal. For the best gaming experience online it's best to try to connect to players more local to you.
  • south africa and ausie is poo connection for uk users same for them connecting to us
  • Run a speed test on your connection, my old isp was only getting me 1.5 or so mbps and I could only finish 1 out of 10 games without timing out, so I switched providers and now I get 10 to 12 mbps and only probs with lagging or dropping games for me is when the host is slow.
  • Another thought: if you just started playing online you might be missing shots because you played the single player with auto target on (which is the default). Auto target will jump your aim to an enemy when you point anywhere close to him. No auto target online so your aim has to be more precise...
  • ive never used auto ai by choice it never effected me i hate auto aim theres no pont in even playing a game with it.