• Okay not sure if I am doing this right, but I really need help with Legend of Mana. I am stuck in Geo with Esmeralda, the event is Lucky Clover, and I cannot get the event finished, or even get out of Geo. If I am doing this right could somebody anybody, please, please help me. And if I am doing this wrong I apologise.
  • Looks like you're doing fine to me. B)

    Now then- what bit of this particular mission is giving trouble?
  • Esmerelda is with me, Elazul is in the Jewellery shop, all he says to me is to take take of Esmerelda. I have talked to Diana, I have gone to principal's office, and now nothing is happening. Been stuck here for 3 days, don't know what I am doing wrong.
  • You are to go to the principal's office on Dryad Day. next, go to the tea shop and talk to the teapo behind the counter. Go back to the Geo map, then to the cafe. Find Elazul and say "A note came." You'll meet the inspector at the school, then go to the Palace of Arts. Talk to Kristie, then go talk to Diana.
  • Okay sorry for being an idiot about this, but I do not know where the teashop is, In the Mall Avenue I have the cafe, an instrument shop, and the jewellery shop. Elazul is in the jewellery shop, Teapo is in the cafe, behind the counter, and selling minerals, Teapo is also in the instrument shop selling stuff. So I am not quite sure where you mean when you say teashop and talk to Teapo. Sorry, for being a pain.
  • To Lyndon M Staff THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I got out of Geo, finished Lucky Clover, Thank you so muck, I was missing the BEHIND the counter when talking to Teapo. You have made my night. Thank You. I can't believe it was something so silly that I was missing. Off to do Cosmo now.