The bonus dvd of sh2
  • I've been trying not to explore the bonus DVD of SH2. I've seen the trailers and stuff but not the "making of" they say it's in there. Is it OK if I see it before I fininsh the game or can it be a major spoiler?
  • [b]I never did watch the making of as there wasn't really anything else for me to find out. I've had so many conversations about the game that i know the game too well. I'm pretty sure that it does have spoilers in the DVD and would recommend that you

  • Yes the DVD does give quite a few spoilers and at the begining of the DVD it advises you to watch it after you've completed the game so i would do as it tells you, but you can stick the DVD in and watch other game trailers and so on.
  • Well, i watched it yesterday and it didnt really make much clearer other than what has been explained to me by a very patient guy!!