Two statues (joke)
  • There are 2 statues in a park, 1 male, 1 female. They have stood facing each other for over 100 years.

    One day an Angel appears, and says to the statues "Because of your patience all these years, i am able to grant you life for 30 minutes, you can do whatever you want"

    Immediately the statues start giggling and run together into some bushes. After a lot of rustling leaves and about 15 minutes they come out of the bushes.

    The angel says "you still have 15 minutes, do you want to do it again?"

    The female statue turns to the male statue and says "Shall we try a different position?"

    The male statue relies "Yes, this time you hold the pidgeon, and I will S**T on its head!"

    Thank you, I'm here all week as we say up north.

    Very cute joke there pokerdon! I applaud you!! :clap:
  • women are like a deck of cards
    you need a heart to love em
    a diomand to marry one
    a club to beat em
    and a spade to berry them
  • there are 2 blondes on a beach in aussy one looks at the other and asks wich do you think is further away london or the sun. Her freindly replies are you stupid can you see london from here !
  • lol pokerdon and sfjp. well done
  • how do shaddow lad long time no see what you been up to.