• Hello all,

    I have an original PSP with no spare batteries and still using the original battery.

    Last night I was playing the PSP and it ran out of power, so as it does, it warns me the battery is flat and shuts down. This morning I plug in the charger (original too that came with the PSP) and it refuses to recharge the battery.

    The last time it charged the battery, it only charged it two thirds full and before that, it was charging the battery fully so I was getting a good 4/5 hours play time out of it.

    Does anyone know why it's refusing to charge? It's not giving me an orange charge light or green power light while connected to the mains (fuse in plug is ok too), so I'm kind of thinking dead mains charger. I've had it over a year and a half so it's out of warranty too.
  • i don't think it is the PSP itself. It could be something happened to the battery to make it refuse to charge or maybe it is the charger itself. Know anyone you cold do some switching with to try both possibilities?
  • Nope, every one I know doesn't have a psp.

    I was thinking of replacing the battery at the end of this month, but I might buy an extra charger too just to be on the safe side and see if killing two birds with one stone will help, flawless console though, never had any problems with it ... till now. lol
  • Well, before you spend money you maybe don't need to possibly they would be able to try things out at the store (if you are hitting a gaming store like Gamestop).
  • I'll try to get it tested first, see if plugging in an alternative mains charger will enable power through the console in any way, like I said it was working perfectly fine upto the point of me trying to charge it.

    I'll get it tested first, but either way I'll update on here my findings ;)

    Thanks for your help :D
  • ** UPDATE **
    I've bought a new charger and it's working again :D
    The OEM seems to have packed in, which is a shame but can't be helped.

    I purchased a new battery too just in case from the same place and got a free car charger in with the price too.

    Thanks for the advice btw ;)