• i think this has been asked before but i cant find it if it has,what do i need to open an american psn store? the japenese one is a bit to hard to do.;)
  • True, it can be a bit confusing but I manage ok- the buttons are all in the same place for the cart, just a matter of looking at the pictures with each item.

    To set up an American account just set up another user with another e-mail address. When it comes time to enter in a mailing address just make up a fake US address. The one thing is to make sure you have a legit zip code. If all else fails look up the address of a US business and use that.
  • managed to get an address of the internet,some bloke selling his house put his address up on there.naughty i no but need's must especaillay when we hav'nt got half of the demo's in our store.
  • just got theme hospital the other day from psn store quality little game.