COD4 connecting to a friend
  • When I'm playing online COD4 sometimes my friends come online and invite me to play so I press YES and then it always says unable to connect..
    Also how can i invite a friend to play with me online, but whenever I try to connect to him it says server full..and vise versa.
    Is there a way where i'm guarateed a spot to play with him..??
    Another thing I hear people talking how can I talk back??
    What do I need to buy?
  • You may want to check some settings, jhayman- if you are connecting through a router you may need to open certain ports in the port forwarding. It's possible this is causing your problems.

    As for the talking, most are using bluetooth headsets that would normally be used with cell phones.
  • if you weant to play withmates you are better inviting people while in the first lobby you start off in cod4 sometimes has problems inviting when in game or about to start game.
  • Ok Thanks guys..
    I'll check out some router settings and see if it helps, sometimes I can connect with him though..?
    I have a bluetooth headset for my cell phone so that works, i'll be checking that out aswell..
    Thanks again;)
  • honestley if you can get online forget router settings cod4 is prety messed up if you and some mates want to play one line just when you boot it up just stay in original lobby then invite everyone then join goij game will work then mate. Happy gaming.