has anyone got omega dawn, i cant get it
  • i paaid for it last night dowloaded it and installed it then vanished icant trace it anywhere not in warhawk not in games list ive redowloaded this and installed 5 times anyone else had this problem or am i just a mong.
  • hmmmm, was just this minute in PS Store, considered buying it, but, was waiting for your views, may give it a miss by the sounds of it.

    Does it not give any instructions on what to do?

    Is there nothing in your game save data folder relating to it? thought it would be like any patch really, the game picks it up from HD.
  • not that i can see the expansion pack is suppost to be amazing but i cant get it to work THE B*stards really want to play it. it should either give the option to play the add on or be on automatically when you play war hawk but dosent seem to happen.
  • Right, here goes.

    Just downloaded it and, you are right, it does not appear on your HD.

    BUT.....load up Warhawk and look for servers where they map is Omega factory. You should be able to join, without the expansion pack, you can't, i've tried before.

    Or, select create game, and choose the Omega Factory as a map, again, without the expansion pack you cannot do this.

    I had no problems, just had a dogfight with someone on the Omega Factory map, worked first time.

    Try this and let me know.
  • what about the new veichles i though they where on every map?
  • don't think so, just the Omega map, otherwise people on the ordinary maps without the expansion pack would get em for nowt.

    Have you got the map working?, if so, everything is in order.

    Will give you a a game sometime, you can set up a server with a password so only friends can play.
  • ill get one set up just at work at minute finish at five so ill get back for about 17:30 then well set one up. Nice ome for you helop mate its been very helpful. Though im positive threres away to play the original maps with new extras im really sure there is way though it might just bee omega dawn people. trying to find in fo about it on net but can only find reveiws. Sorry to be a pain the a*se.
  • no probs, you may well be right about the vehicles etc. Will look for some info myself, catch ya later.
  • found an FAQ page by Incognito, it DOES confirm you can use the additional content on the old maps. Not sure how you do it, probably have to create your own game and use the advanced options.

    Hope that helps sfjp, you were right after all.
  • the grey emblem shown on the maps meen its omwega daw i was speeking to a dutch guy who told me over the internet random eh.