Get My PS3 Online?
  • Hey i just recently gort my ps3 and i have no idea how to do the internet connection settings can u help me?
  • heres my situation it says
    internet connection- enabled
    select a setting mode? easy or custom which one
    select a connection method? Wired or wireless. I have wired
    Either auto detect or manual? which one
    Ip address- automatic, manual, PPPoE? which one
  • Wolf, you should be able to go automatic with just about all of the settings. Give that a try and, if it doesn't quite work out, you can go back in and change some settings manually.
  • ok i did that and when i got done it says obtain ip address failed
  • Ok, time to do some tweaking. Are you sharing your connection via a router or doing a direct connection to the modem?
  • its a direct connection
  • There is where your problem likely is. Unplug the modem's power for about 10 seconds or so and then plug it in again. If you switched the cable aound with it still on your ISP still thinks the IP address your computer was given is still in use. By doing this you will free up the IP and it can be assigned to your PS3.
  • ok the ip address is succeed'
    and the internet connection is succeed
    now where do i go from there
  • how do i sign up with plastation internet
  • Head over to the Network section of the PS3's menu and you will see an icon saying "Sign Up for the PlayStation Network". That is where to get your self going for some PS3 online play.