Man walks into a bar...
  • A man walks into a bar and says to the landlord, "Give me a free beer and i'll show you something amazing."

    The landlord agrees, upon which the man produces a bag and places it on the bar. Out of the bag appears a liitle man, who runs along the bar, jumps off the bar onto a bar stool, off the bar stool onto the floor, and from the floor up onto the piano.

    He proceeds to run up and down the piano playing some amazing music.

    The landlord asks "Where did you get him?"

    "Usual story" says the man, "I found an old lamp, gave it a polish and a genie appeared and granted me a wish"

    The landlord asks "if i give you free beer all night can i have a go on the lamp?"

    The man agrees and the landlord disapears behing the bar with the lamp.

    When he comes from behind the bar, the whole room is full of ducks, there are ducks everywhere!!!

    The landlord says "Wait a minute, i didn't ask for a thousand DUCKS!!!"

    To which the man replies "No, i didn't ask for a 12 inch pianist either!"
  • ROFL! Thats a good one mate lol.
  • ahh oldies but goodies!!