Final Fantasy Help Is given.
  • If you want help or advice on FF7 or 8 then I,Punkbuddy or Daggers lover will get to you ASAP.

    Good idea eh?

    Post away.

  • I thought thats why the Final Fantasy forum was there, theres no need for members to post here when they could get a quicker response posting in the FF forum.:)

  • why isn't there an FF 7 Forum?
  • To get the mithril from him your battle count needs to end with two odd numbers.
  • thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :biggrin:
  • Hey punkbuddy is there any way to vote to put in a FF7 forum or is it out of the question, just wandering????
  • Yes,a ff7 help section could be pretty useful.
  • is there a way we can get a resident evil area in hear??? cuz some people would like an area for RE and i think i can help em with RE1 and 2
  • what this site could have a capcom area were all capcom games are discussed and help is given!!!
  • well I dont know about capcom because most of these forums are for a specific game. I just dont think it will work.
  • I would enjoy and try out for a FF7 help forum, i beat the game so many times and im almost done with a little strategy guide on it.
  • Uhhhhhh.......what am I, chopped liver?
  • well...............I am not gunna answer that with a truthful answer:you are not chopped liver.J/K:biggrin:..........we just want a peice of the action.
  • Well,why don'twe just use this threead as a temporary FF7 help vsection untill PB sets us up one?
  • Okay, help me then. Stuck on disc 2, cannot find out next step, although been all around the globe and only step is actually finding key for Midgar, but cannot find it at Bone Village.

    Bit hazy as picked it up after a while, but got to the bit where the village on the south east of island, Milheim(?) that has exploded with the lifestream and one of the female characters (who was a flower girl in disc 1) has died. Very sad.

    Spent about 32 hours and at level 50 ish. Really cannot see what to do now.
  • So it's you that shook the dust off this old thread,Bearpark? :D I doubt if some of these guys will be helping as some just aren't here any more.I'd suggest having a look here for a listing of guides,including several for FF7.

    If you're still somewhat confused then I can only suggest putting your question into a new thread to make it easier to see to the other members.Threads like this one do tend to get a bit unwieldy to sort through so I'll be locking this one.
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