hook up sprint usb air card to the playstation3
  • Alright I have been working on this for the last 6 hours, I have a sprint sierra wireless aircard 595 USB plug in style. As of right now I have the ps3 plugged in with the Ethernet cable to the back of my computer. I finally figure out how to share the internet connection after getting a few wrong codes. So everything is sharing when i go to my network and sharing menu, so now i turn the ps3 on and try to connect and then i get a 80710092 a timed out message, so I am completely lost and about to throw this aircard out the window. I have seen a lot of people saying that they have the sprint card and working the ps3 internet all fine. Can someone please that has success walk me threw it and break it down dumb style I dont want to hear computer mumbo. Thanks
  • It's going to be a bit hard to avoid all of the mumbo-jumbo but we'll try to get things figured out.

    That particular code means the PS3 has lost the connection. I'm wondering if you have a firewall going on the laptop that may have blocked the PS3's access. have you checked that?
  • how would i check to see if i have a firewall on that one im sharing or there by how would i turn it off if thats the only thing stoping me
  • Well, what operating system is your computer running- Windows XP, Vista, etc.?
  • well i think i took it off right i went to firewall settings in my control panel went to advance took off the firewall for my lan connection which is my ethernet cable for the ps3 and it still came up server timed out error 80710092:( :confused: :mad:
  • the computer runs vista
  • That would work if it was the standard Windows Firewall but maybe not if using a third party app such as the security software from Norton or Kaspersky. If you have something along those lines running you may want to try shutting it down.

    Did you go all auto/ easy for your settings when setting up the connection on the PS3?
  • both actually i had to enter manual to get the right ip address and i entered the dns and dns2
  • I think the simplest solution may be to pick up a router to share your mobile connection. The Linksys WRT54G3G-AT should fit the bill nicely.
  • I DID IT, I DID IT I turn off the firewall and to run a test got the farthust ever got stuck a UPnP then i ran it again custom disable the UPnP and presto im online :D
  • Glad to hear it, teacup! B) I had a feeling at first it was a firewall issue- good to see i was in the ball park.
  • im tryin to do the same thing with my PS3, but im not as experienced with this kinda stuff as you guys are.. Can someone help me out too?
  • If you don't have unlimited data on your plan I really wouldn't recommend using a mobile internet stick for your connection- the data quota gets used up quick!

    To get things under way you'd need to connect an ethernet cable between the computer and your PS3. Next, do a search for "internet connection sharing" and you'll find all sorts of pages showing how its done in fairly simple terms. To narrow things down add a "+windows XP" or whatever your computer runs.

    Once things are set up on your computer and you have the firewall turned off do as Teacup up above did and disable the uPnP when setting up the PS3's connection.
  • ok everytime i connect the cable to the back of the computer then turn my PS3 on a window pops up and says " your WIMAX connection was terminated because multiple connections are not allowed" do you have any suggestions? oh and i do have unlimited data on my plan. and my air card isnt the 595, its the U301 4G/3G compatible one.
  • If they won't allow multiple connections then you are out of luck, I'm afraid. This would be a limitation of the provider.

    If you can, i would suggest getting away from the mobile internet and look for a good cable or DSL provider.
  • dam... i figured as much.. im also due for an upgrade for my phone soon.. if i get the new HTC phone with the built-in hotspot you think the PS3 can grab wifi from the phone?
  • or you think if i got a cradlepoint router, that the router would even support the aircard?
  • Hard to say of the PS3 would pick the cell up as a wi-fi hotspot, would depend on the cell. Best to ask about that when you talk to your cell provider about an upgrade. I would still recommend going with cable or DSL for your PS3's net connection, however.