Daxter - Fish Cannery
  • Please can someone help before I go mad. I"m lost in the fish cannery level. I keep going round and round in circles! I've gone past the room with the purple flowers pumping bugs out, got up the crates and pulled the lever for the ice cube. I've pushed it towards the end of the room, where it looks like there is another room and I can't get up to it! Every time I jump onto the cube and try to fly up with my fire booster I don't get high enough - I can see the room but can't quite reach it! Is this the right way to go? I've tried just carrying on under the spikes but I end up at the fish river again which takes me all the way back to the purple flower bit again! I keep going round in circles and I can't work out where to go!!
  • i covered this bit in the stickied thread up above, blondie- have a look here. B)
  • Hello,

    I'm at the point where if I go right and underneath the pointy things, I have to fly across the hanging crates where there are fish swimming underneath and it brings me back to the same place.

    If I go right, I see a lever where a block of ice comes up and I have to melt it down enough so I don't get hit by the pointy things but I can't jump high enough to what seems like more bugs with the purple things. I've looked through the thread and I don't see a second lever for a second block of ice to come up.
  • Does this help:

    Use your flame thrower to melt the ice to where you can jump up on. Jump on the ice then jump on the platform, and hit the lever on the left of the ice cube. Use you flamethrower to push the ice at the end. Now jump on the ice. Now time your jump and jump to the cage right in front of you. On the cage, look right and use you flamethrower to reach the cage on the right. Jump to the cage after that, then to the cage on the right. Now hover over to the platform.