• :0 Getting on for 4am; finished Round 2(Maria's ending). It's restored my faith in the game, no doubt - the whole story is more confusing than Zardoz, but strangely compelling. I'm a bit confused(as usual)though, as to where the climax of the game is going. Is the... whatever it is that U fight REALLY Mary, just possessed by... something? How come Maria comes back NEhow, after what the Pyramid twins do 2 her?(second time they kill her, as well) Is she/it Pyramid Head's master, or what?

    Basically, who the f*@! is she? :2silly:
  • She is a figment of your's(James) imagination so anything he thinks about will happen to her. He thought her up when he was trying to justify killing his wife. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup: