ps1 won't read or spin discs
  • Help!!! I have no idea what I'm doing.. so I'm not doing it. I got a used original ps1.. came in mail.. it was loud, etc., laser wasn't moving freely and it was getting stuck at end toward the outside of the disc. Also, after start-up, the screen only shows options for "memory card" and "cd player". I have never seen an indication on the screen that the disc isn't reading.. But first it was spinning and being loud. I cleaned it like a ps site told me to do with a tiny bit of isopropyl and a qtip. Now it is quiet and not spinning. PLease tell me what to do - precisely.. And I will do it.. I want this to work!! I have some Tomba 2 to play! Thanks:confused:
  • I hate to say itthat PSOne you got in the mail was likely near death when it got sold to you and has since passed on. If you can i would advise trying to get your money back from whoever sold it to you.
  • What is cool is that I already got my money back! But dead is fixable too right? Can you recommend a place to fix it or should I just buy another one? I will if I must, but I would like to know your opinion on which route is best right now. Thanks!
  • Seeing as I have no clue as to where you are I wouldn't be able to recommend a place to fix it. Anyway, it would be cheaper to get another one instead. If possible, find one locally instead of via the mail and see about trying it out before taking it home.
  • I am off in a few hours to pick up (local) a ps2 console, games and controllers plus memory card for 100 bucks.. As far as fixing this one, I live near Savannah, GA. Any ideas? If I fix it, I could try to sell it locally too. Maybe get some shipping costs back from my wasted time and money on eBay. I learned my lesson about buying locally and postal insurance. How much money is too much to pay to fix it locally and where should I do it? thnx
  • I would suggest checking out your local yellow pages- you may be able to find a used game store that also does repairs. But, considering the PSOne goes for no more than $30 or so it almost isn't worth it by the time you pay for parts, labor, etc.
  • ok, thanks. so now this ps2 isn't reading the ps1 discs.. "disc read error" grrrr So what can I do? He will refund that too.. but seriously does it have to be this difficult?!! Are used playstations this temperamental?
  • They shouldn't be, no- it's not the system's fault, though, it's the person selling misrepresenting them as being "fully functioning" when they aren't.

    Get a refund and get yourself a new system instead- at least that way you have a few months' warranty to fall back on with Sony if something happens right away.
  • Hi. Thanks again..

    Well, I did it: before reading your post and returning the latest ps2 which wasn't reading, I spent two hours taking apart, cleaning and adjusting the lens height on the ps2. I got a how to from the ars antica website.. I figured it couldn't hurt..I got two ps1 discs to play (it still refused on others). And they are iffy at that. So I can return/refund it... Or put up wth not many discs playing. Obviously, I don't want the headache. How much should they be new and used?
  • New PS2 are running at about $130 US and should be easily found all over Savannah- just hit up a local Best Buy, Circuit City, Wal- Mart, Target, etc.. You may catch one on sale with some looking around.
  • Thank you. I am pretty sad that they don't seem to work for me lately. Time to go cry. :(

    Once I get my money back, I'll go buy a new one.

    The ps1 controllers should work on the ps2 right?
    Also, will the memory card? Probably not...

    I really appreciate your advice. Where is the best place to sell used games?
  • Your controllers and memory card will work perfectly fine on the PS2, as should those games. No need to sell anything.

    But, if you do intend to sell the games, you will be better off doing it yourself via eBay, free online classifieds or even just put up notices of having the games for sale locally on public notice boards. You will get nothing for them from pawn shops or stores that sell used games (some don't even accept used original PlayStation games any more).
  • what games you got im looking out for some ps1 games at the moment list em all please.