Stuck at Room 312
  • I'm in the hotel, and have done almost everything. As it stands, Ive got the tape, started the music box, and have gone up to room 312. There's nothing there, and I can't play the tape. The TV in 312 gets snow, but no VCR. I was gonna try to go to the 3rd floor via service elevator, but it won't let me drop my stuff off again. What am I missing? Help me, PLLEEEAAASSEE!
  • Room 312 is the room with the VCR so go back in and you just need to use the tape and then sit back and watch the truth. But is this something that you really want to know? Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:

  • Use the videotape on the VCR beside the T.V. Get outta there and experience the... Nightmare Hotel. Go down the stairs, go towards Room 205. After entering room 205, go towards the Elevator nearby. Use the panel and go to the basement.

    And from there you should be able to make your way :)
    Your so close :)