Spiderman 3- Game help
  • I have no idea how to get to the cheat menu in spiderman 3 the game? Someone help.
  • They call the cheats entry area password (or passwords), just as in previous games. You should be able to find this in the options when paused or in the main menu screen.
  • What is the main menu screen? When i start the game it asks me if i want to open the previous game if you say yes it goes to explore mode and if you say no it goes to the new game mode. Also, there is no password selection under settings.
  • The main menu screen is the title screen, where it says "new game", load game, etc.

    If it can't be found in among the main screen menu options try checking some of the choices when you pause the game in progress.
  • Sorry, but could you walk me through it from when it first loads the game please?
  • Just pause the game as you are playing it and you should have some menu choices show up on screen. You should be able to find the cheats/ password screen there.

    Sorry i can't be more specific but I don't have the game myself to doublecheck and the manual i found online is pretty much useless (as was activision's online knowledge base).
  • It's just not there. Thanks anyway.