Playstation network time out
  • Hi guys im trying to set up a wireless connection for my ps3, i have a belkin g+ modem router which is working fine on my laptop and desktop, signal is usually 80-100. Ive tried automatically doing it and manually, it always times out, i havnt a clue what to do, any help would be great.
  • If that is the signal strength you are getting on the PS3 it should be decent enough but sometimes the PS3 just isn't that great when wireless. If it is close enough you may want to go with a wired ethernet connection instead.

    You may also want to look in the router/ modem settings and maybe set up a specific IP address just for the PS3 and put that either into the router DHCP client list or into the DMZ (this puts it outside of any firewall protection the router may be giving).
  • Thanks for the options, i have absolutley no clue on how to set up a seperate ip adress for the ps3,could you help?
  • Go into the router settings and look for DHCP (should be under the networking section if memory serves). You will need the PlayStation 3's MAC Address, you can find this by going to Settings, then System Settings, then System Information on the PS3.

    Find the DHCP Client List and look for a button which says to Add a Client. Make the address whatever you like in the range the router is allowed ( as an example) and type in the MAC Address into the blanks provided. Check off an enabled box (if one) and hit the save/ apply/ ok button. Once done you can edit that same IP address into the PS3's settings.