• hey guys. How did you like the superbowl. Did you know that it was the 2nd most watched tv program in world history. It had over 97 million viewers:59:
  • Hahaha, that means 97 million viewers witnessed a historical landmark with the Patriots getting their undefeated streak squandered by the Giants.;)

    I did not watch the SuperBowl since I don't understand football and don't necessarily care for the sports commentary.

    Instead I watched the MythBusters marathon and a little bit of the Puppy Bowl.:D
  • i love the mythbusters
  • I watched some of the super bowl- kind of expected the final results considering how much was said about the "perfect record". To be honest, i watched more to check out the commercials- the ad companies always try for a big splash here (and considering how much that space costs they d*** sure better). The Budweiser ad was the best of the bunch, i'd say.
  • was a let down not much really happened you guys should try and watch a bit of rugby you'll love that im a colt fan in NFL, i quite like ice hockey though pretty fun to watch and UFC there pretty good american sports.
  • the commercials were a disapointment this year. i still like the revolving fridge one from '05
  • I watched the super bowl and it was fantastic. Losing serves the pats right for being so cocky. Seriously though, it was one of the best super bowl games I have ever seen. Both teams played great. I still can't believe manning broke that sack and tyree caught the ball off of his helmet.