Thank You now H.E.L.P.
  • First of all Thank You for the welcoming letter that you have sent me but what would really be nice is if I could be able to read all the options and stuff on the left side of the screen. I am having quite of few problems with a game and really need some help. How can I view the whole web page instead of trying to guess what options I have? Your help with this problem is most appreciated
  • The only way i could find this happening is if you either have your screen resolution messed up on the computer or need to adjust your text size in the browser. What web browser are you using?

    As for the game question, simply post that in the section appropriate for the game (PlayStation 2 games go to the PlayStation 2 Game Help section, for example) and we'll try to find the answer as soon as possible. The New Thread button is located in the same spot in every forum.
  • I am useing Netscape 7.0 as for some unknown reason my internet Explorer 6.0
    just freezes on me and then shuts down my computer. And even now I only understood part of the message that you just replied back to me. What in the browser might I need to adjust and do you recomend downloading Netscape 8.0
  • Your Internet Explorer does sound as if something has gone horribly wrong with some of its files. Considering its close ties to windows you may want to try re-installing it or update it to IE7- that should replace any missing/ damaged files.

    What i was thinking of changing is in the View menu of the browser- look for "Text Size" and see if making that smaller helps. I haven't use the full netscape suite for some time now- I am a big proponent of Firefox as a browser. Maybe you should try that as well.
  • Well it was my Netscape Navigator cause it took me all night trying to figure out this Firefox 2 after downloading and I'm still having major problems with it like it only imported my profile and password but I have kids that use the computer and there is some stuff I don't want them to see or know, so how do I import their profiles and passwords onto it. Well, this is a playstation site, so these are questions I will have to ask someone else at another time. Oh, Netscape is no more (no support) as of 1 February 2008. RIP Netscape.
  • Firefox doesn't have profiles like Netscape did but if you are using separate user accounts for the kids on your computer under XP or Vista that should keep them from seeing the bookmarks you don't want them to. Just a matter of exporting their bookmarks into a file then, once logged in as them on the computer, import the bookmarks into Firefox. Firefox is built on the same engine as Netscape so most things should be in the same place as before.